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112 years of foundry experience

The foundry in Csepel was founded by Manfred Weiss in 1911 and it has been operating at its current site in the Csepel industrial park ever since. Weiss Manfred Steel- and Metalworks Ltd was nationalized in 1948, since then our foundry continued to operate under various names and corporate forms, but the iron casting activity remained continuous without interruption.

Until the mid-1960s, as a member of the concern operating mainly within the industrial park, the foundry was responsible for meeting the casting needs of its sister companies - machine tool factory, custom machine factory, motorcycle factory, pipe factory.

From 1966 onwards, with a major change in product specialisation, the foundry’s main product line had been the production of automotive castings, mainly a six-cylinder engine block manufactured under a German MAN license. From that time until the early 1990s, it became Hungary's largest foundry operating on a single site: with annual production of 35,000 tons of sheet and spheroidal iron castings, 5,000 tons of steel castings and 1,000 tons of precision castings.

Most of the new procedures related to this field were introduced here for the first time in Hungary. In 1978 the Meehanite license was introduced, which is considered to be the predecessor of today's quality assurance systems.

Further to the privatisation in 1993, we continued our activities first under the name UBP Csepel Iron Froundry under U.S. ownership, then from 2004 under the name Csepel Metall Iron Foundry under Hungarian ownership.

Since 2022, our foundry has new owners with Hungarian roots, who are strongly committed to the renewal and further development of our activities. As a tribute to our founder and the century-old history of our foundry, in February 2023 we have re- adopted the name of Manfred Weiss and continue our activities under the name Weiss Manfred Iron Works.

Over the past two decades, the foundry has specialized in the production of complex, high-core sheet and spheroidal graphite castings. Within this, we specialize to a greater extent in the production of pump and machine tool castings. We are proud of our well-qualified, highly motivated team of engineers and skilled workers with extensive production experience. This enables us to be present on the EU and US markets, which are dominant in our sales.

Our goal is to be the number one supplier to our customers.

We provide a full service to our customers from sample preparation to machining.


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Our goal is to be the number one supplier to our customers.


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